Teaching International Students: Professional Development Courses

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Promising Practices

Academic Integrity

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We have developed 4 FREE professional development courses to support educators in interactions with international students. You may choose to complete each course for a certificate, or only complete the courses that are most relevant to your teaching practice to learn more tips and strategies that you can apply to your teaching. If you would like to obtain the certificate qualification, we recommend completing the courses in the suggested order to scaffold the learning experience, but this is not a requirement. Click on one of the courses below to begin. Receive a badge upon completing each course. Happy learning!

PROMISING PRACTICES FOR TEACHING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS explores promising theories and practices for teaching and interacting with international students, as informed by literature and research.

TEACHING ACADEMIC INTEGRITY FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS explores factors that contribute to academic integrity challenges amongst international students. This course is designed to help educators better understand why plagiarism occurs in this population, adopt new perspectives, and learn effective strategies for overcoming academic integrity problems with an emphasis on honesty and empathy.

STUDENT DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT is a course designed to highlight practical tips and strategies for holistically supporting international students. This course explores common challenges faced by international learners in the realms of community, mental wellness, accessibility, and more. Effective and specific approaches are proposed for educators who desire to support international students not only in academic achievement, but also in obtaining a sense of belonging and safety at school.

TEACHING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN AN ONLINE LEARNING CONTEXT explores challenges associated with teaching international students in a virtual learning environment. Different program models are outlined, and strategies for success are highlighted.

Upon completing all four courses, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your professional development. Good luck!

Courses Are Under Development

We continue to work behind the scenes to develop engaging, interactive e-learning experiences to support learning on best practices for supporting culturally and linguistically diverse international students. The upcoming courses will address questions such as:

  • How can I address problems of academic integrity while working with international learners?
  • What are some best practices and frameworks for diverse classrooms, as informed by research?
  • How can I support and build positive relationships with international students?
  • How can I support international students in navigating the barriers of an online learning environment? 

Once these courses are complete, educators will have the opportuntity to engage in professional learning to obtain a microcredential. Thank you for your patience as we develop these experiences.