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Practical Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students


We offer a variety of services and resources to support educators teaching international students. Whether your goal is to better support students, meet professional development goals, connect with other passionate educators, or make a difference in your learning community, you have come to the right place! On this site you will find:

  • The Professional Development Toolkit: A set of self-paced, e-Learning courses for educators. These courses empower educators will valuable insights and practical teaching tips. Sharpen your instructional skills and improve your confidence interacting with international students through our engaging learning modules! A professional development certificate is available. 
  • Resources for Teachers: A space for members of our professional learning community to share educational lesson plans, materials, and other resources for supporting international learners. (This feature is under development)
  • A Professional Development Community: A place for educators to connect with one another, share ideas, network, and pose questions. (This feature is under development)
  • A Blog on Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: Our blog includes posts on a variety of topics including recent research on teaching international students, professional reflections, explorations of challenges faced by international students, tips for educators, and more. 

Course Offerings

Research on international student experiences reveals valuable insights for educators and institutions. We have created four courses to distribute meaningful research and professional development education. These free, open-source modules will provide an opportunity to learn about promising teaching practices for working with international students, overcoming academic integrity challenges, supporting international students, and teaching and learning in an online context. You can choose to browse our learning modules to discover relevant tips for supporting international learners, or complete each course and the associated learning activities to obtain a credential. 

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Course One: Promising Practices for Teaching International Students

This three-unit course examines frameworks for informing the instruction of culturally and linguistically diverse international students, culturally responsive teaching, and promising practical teaching strategies and insights.

Course Two: Teaching Academic Integrity for International Students

This two-unit course explores barriers and challenges for international students striving to understand and adhere to academic integrity. Strategies for educators and institutions to teach, uphold, and interpret academic integrity are promoted.

Course Three: Student Development and Support

This two-unit course elevated international student voices and perspectives on a variety of challenges international students face, from language difficulties, social obstacles, and academic barriers to students’ mental well being and sense of belonging. Strategies to provide holistic support and enhance students’ sense of belonging are proposed.

Course Four: Teaching International Students in an Online Context

This two-unit course explores a variety of programs and models for teaching international students in an online context. Barriers in online learning and strategies for supporting international students are examined.

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We have developed a Community of Practice where educators can exchange knowledge on teaching culturally and linguistically diverse international students, distribute research, ask questions, share resources, collaborate, and more!

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Our Team is guided by our core values, reflected in three primary goals.

Support Educators

We support the professional development of educators by distributing research and resources on promising, research-informed practices for teaching international students. Our professional learning community provides educators with opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge and teaching materials, and engage in meaningful conversations. 

Support Students

We support international students’ success, wellness, and sense of belonging:

  • We disseminate research that prioritizes and amplifies international student voices.
  • We provide education to empower teachers and improve the quality of educational experiences for international students.
  • We share helpful teaching resources.
  • We challenge deficit thinking and help both educators and students adopt an abundance mindset.


We support the continued growth of the knowledge base on teaching international students by fostering a dedicated professional learning community, sharing fresh insights from exploratory research, and empowering professionals with tools and education to become leaders for bettering international student experiences in their communities. 

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